Residential Real Estate
Wills & Estates
Corporate Law
Commercial Law

Residential Real Estate*

Purchase of a Residence

Purchase $595.00
Each Mortgage** $395.00
Title Insurance (Depends on price of home – under $500K ) approx. $350.00
Ministry Registration Cost $74/Registration
Land Transfer Tax Based on home price

Sale of a Residence

Sale $475.00
Each Mortgage/LOC Discharge $275.00
Any other Lien/Encumberance Discharge $275.00

Refinancing/Secured Lines of Credit/2nd Mortgages

Legal fees $595.00
Discharge of Mortgage/Line of Credit $395.00
Payment of Debts $295.00
Transfer of Title (Remove/Add name) $395.00
Assignment of Mortgage $295.00

*All registration costs; land transfer tax and disbursement costs and law society levies, if any, are in addition to the Legal fees stated above. On average, disbursements of a purchase range from $300 – $500 and disbursements on sales range from $200 – $300. Title Insurance Premiums will depend upon the Purchase Price of the home. The above listed fees are subject to change without notice.

** Legal fees for mortgages arranged with non-chartered banks (Any Lender that is not one of the big 5 lenders ie: TD Bank;BMO;CIBC;Scotia Bank and RBC) may trigger additional legal fees due to the additional work required. We would be pleased to discuss this with you in advance.


Basic Will $225.00
Power of Attorney (Property) $125.00
Power of Attorney (Personal Care) $125.00
Single Package (1 Will, 2 PoA) $375.00
Couples Package (2 Wills, 2 PoA’s each) $750.00
Probate Order (Appointment of Estate Trustee)** approx. $2500.00
Family Trust Discuss with Lawyer
Henson Trust Discuss with Lawyer
Estate Administration Discuss with Lawyer

*Legal fees for Wills may be higher dependent upon the complexity of the matter. Lawyer to advise after initial meeting.

**Legal fees for Probate Order may be higher dependent on complexity of matter. Lawyer to advise after initial meeting.

***The above listed fees are subject to change without notice.


Incorporation $850.00
Articles of Amendment $750.00
Articles of Dissolution $850.00
Professional Corporation Annual Renewals $450.00
Share Transfer Agreement $795.00
Re-creating Minute Book $750.00
Updating Corporate Minute Book $550.00
Change of Directors/Resignations/Elections $350.00
Resolutions (Share issuance/cancellations/transfer) $350.00
Annual Minutes $350.00
Shareholders Agreement $1500.00
Business Name Registrations $395.00
Promissory Note $375.00

*All of the above fees do not include cost for Ministry filings and registrations; Nuans (name) searches; cost of minute book and seal and other supplies and all other necessary disbursements for couriers; agency fees etc.


Commercial Lease review Minimum $995.00
Commercial Lease Preparation $1500.00
Asset Purchase Agreement $750.00
Share Purchase Agreement $750.00
Business/Franchise Closing Minimum $2500.00
Franchise Agreement Review $750.00
Business Name Registrations $395.00
Commercial Real Estate Purchase Minimum $1550.00
Each Commercial Mortgage Minimum $750.00
Commercial Real Estate Sale Minimum $1250.00
Each Commercial Mortgage Discharge Minimum $550.00
Commercial Mortgages/Re-financings Minimum $1250.00
Assignment of Rents/GSA/PPSA Minimum $750.00

*The above fees do not include disbursements for all necessary due diligence searches; filing fees; registration costs and other miscellaneous expenses. The above listed fees are subject to change without notice.